King Hiram of Tyre (969 - 931 BCE) is an iconic figure in Masonic lore for he was the one that dispatched Hiram Abif, along with many other fine craftsman and raw resources, to aid in the construction of King Solomon's Temple.

King Tyre was indeed an impressive man. He presided over what is considered the "golden age" of the great city state of Tyre. During his reign Hiram transformed the city by developing the first international port of the ancient world, building a great temple, and implementing formal city planning. He also presided over a financial and trading boom that saw Tyre as the epicenter of a vast Mediterranean trading network that included, among many products, textiles, purple dye, ivory, olive oil, and cedar tree timber. Hiram was one of the most powerful Kings of his time and, in addition to Tyre, was the King of Sidon, Kittion on Cyprus, and overseas colonies.


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