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The traditional trestleboard contains the blueprints, or plans, relating to how we are to create positive change within our life. Symbology of the traditional trestleboard is taught to the Mason as he progresses through the degrees.

Contemporary use of the public trestleboard equates it to a "newsletter" of the lodge.

The articles below appear in the order they were published on the website. To see the articles in order of most recent first, please visit the individual pages for the East, South, West, Secretary, Tiler, or of any other officer who contributes an article.

RSVP: Oct. 18th Public Schools Meet & Greet

Welcome Tuesday, October 18th, Mission Lodge No. 169 will host a Meet & Greet dinner with the Public Schools. Please RSVP if you plan to attend the dinner. You may RSVP with Bro. Buck by text at 1-415-439-0368, or e-mail at   Who May...

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