Master's Message for January 2018

Happy New Year, everyone!!

May we all have a wonderful renewed year as we welcome year 2018 in our lives. It is my prayer that may we all continue to grow that which is growing within us, and yearn for the hope that is planted in us, until we all come to fruition moving towards the celebration of the rest of the year as the light to each other, our family, community and the world around us.

I would like to personally thank you all for your love and support that made our Installation for 2018 officers a success. May you continue to support us as we journey together to a wonderful world of being a family in Freemasonry.

As we reflect on what had transcribe in 2017, having lost some of our loved ones who are now in the hands of God, the great artificer of the universe, life continues on as we look forward to where our beloved Mission Lodge will continue to flourish in the Mission District and beyond.

The coming of the New Year 2018 brings us a lot of exciting activities and community building. I would ask you all to be part of these transformation through your participation, contribution and suggestions.

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, our officers, committeemen and their spouses are set to a Lodge retreat at the Lodge Hall from 6 P.M to 9:30 P.M. At the retreat, we will discern where and how our lodge will continue to commit his support among our youth, ladies and appendant bodies, widows, officers and members and the community we pledge to support as part of our short and long term plans. Should you wish to attend, please inform our Lodge Secretary.

We will continue to support the Grandlodge projects as part of our wider Commitment to California masonry. We have established our commitment to the Grand Lodge Public School Program of raising a reader and the scholarship Program as well as supporting the Masonic Homes Foundation, while we
continue to support the seven public elementary Schools in our district in the backpack program, in Masons for Mitts and in our yearly Community health fair and Blood donation drive.

But we shall not forget our commitment to our members when in our obligation, we promised to aid and assist and raise up. Such is the nature of freemasonry is all about, “to do what you want others do unto you and continue to make a difference”

We will also find a way to engage in feeding at the shelter, in habitat for humanity and environmental awareness drive. Such will bring Mission Lodge further to the wider community partnership. All these noble plans however will not come to fruition if only few are moving them. I ask your commitment therefore where each of you has a say and a piece of the work and say, “We did it all together.”

Will you commit? Blessed are you.

Be at peace to all and be loving.

Brotherly Love,

Leonard B. Oakes, WM

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