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• July is Support Our Masonic Veterans Month. Read the grand master's proclamation to find out how you can support veterans in your lodge and community.

• The June/July issue of California Freemason, which focuses on Freemasonry and volunteering, is a special digital edition. Enjoy more in-depth interviews, articles, and videos than ever before. Read it now or download the California Freemason app to read it on your mobile device.

• Summer fire season is a great opportunity to distribute In Case of Emergency (ICE) packs. These helpful resources include instructions for common car breakdowns, an accident information form, first responders’ card, and more.

• Catch up with Grand Master Charvonia at an event near you by following theGrand Master's Itinerary. Join him this July for the Prince Hall Annual Communication, a Brotherhood Degree in Southern California, the Grand Filipiana event, and much more.


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